Europe Shipping About Us


Hello! We are Europe Shipping.
We are a benchmark for international cargo transportation.

We have 23 years’ experience, over 1000 employees, 39 own offices in 11 countries and a network of representatives on five continents, which means we can provide the best integrated logistics solution for your business.

We are import specialists for any destination in Latin America. In 2015, we were ranked among the world’s top 50 freight forwarders by Transport Topics. We were the only Latin American company to receive this award.

In 2016, Europe Shipping maintained 2nd place on the Dun & Bradstreet global database in its Supplier Analysis Report (SAR). Companies are only included on the ranking if they are financial healthy, have no known record of non-payment and pay their suppliers quickly. Click here to see Europe Shipping’s SAR ranking.

In 2018, Europe Shipping, Latin America’s largest logistics integrator, joined the Brazilian Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Program and was certified by the Federal Revenue Service. It also received the Green Seal from the São Paulo State Environment Journal.

In addition to our reliable commercial and operational team, we offer our customers access to AS Tracking, our proprietary tracking system, which allows you to accurately monitor and control all of the processes involved. With all of these benefits, plus our investment in technology, personalized service and more than 20 years’ experience, we guarantee your cargo will find its way to your destination. We are Europe Shipping!

You can count on us.
We are pathfinders.


Over the past 20 years, Europe Shipping has implemented best corporate practices and adopted the highest levels of ethical responsibility and integrity.

Our Code of Conduct is public evidence of our commitment to all our stakeholders. The most recent version of the document presents Europe Shipping’s contributions to improving performance.

Code of Conduct


"To make international logistics a competitive differential for our clients"


"To grow through offering everyone access to everything available on global markets"


Innovation - We procure new technologies that improve customer service;
Relationships - We work with our clients as partners, respecting their characteristics and requirements;
Ethics and Transparency - In our dealings with partners, suppliers, employers and the general public;
Value or employees - We invest to develop individual skills and create new talent;
Social and Environmental Responsibility - We are committed to the well-being of our employees, society and the environment we live in;
Security - All our businesses comply with the law and abide by regulations implemented to protect the environment and society.